Two reasons how Accommodation Coin will transform the travel and accommodation industry as you know it

admin 21st, August 2019
Two reasons how Accommodation Coin will transform the travel and accommodation industry as you know it

1)  Rating and Reward System 

This milestone allows for the introduction of a Host and guest rating system that incorporates Accommodation coin rewards for high performing participants. Ratings range from 1 to 5.

Host and guest users will have the option to rate each other ( an example is a guest stays in Airbnb property 1 ( host ) , guest will rate the host for this property and in turn, host will rate the guest ) this data will be used to ‘rate’ each participant and those participants that achieve more than 3,  5 star reviews in a row will be allocated a reward ( yet to be defined ) into their wallet of Accommodation coin’s.  This system is implemented to encourage a high standard of both host/accommodation providers as well as guests, this in turn keeps the overall standard of the network high.  

2)  Data sharing reward system

Data and reward mile stone allows for the introduction of the following:

guests/users will be allow the option to ‘sell’ accommodation data ( collect from previous stays etc ) back to the Accommodation Coin network.

This data comprises of the follow key factors: ( assuming guest/users allows full access )

Location information of the guest

date and time of booking

location of booking and cost of booking

This data is then submitted to the Accommodation Coin database, the user is then rewarded or ‘paid’ a set fee ( yet to be defined ) for the data in Accommodation coin.

Accommodation providers/Hotels and other accommodation establishments can subscribe to the data for a set fee ( yet to be defined ) payable in Accommodation coin, this data will then allow the host the following:

To understand guest/user demands for accommodation based on a number of factors, including to be not limited to the following:

How many guests across the network booked accommodation in their geographic area and the guest data relating to: Cost, duration of stay, location of guest ( eg city ) age range and a number of other factors.

This information from a marketing point of view allows the accommodation provider to target very specific markets for marketing campaigns  etc and in turn can help increase occupancy  for the host.