Exciting addition to the whitepaper!

admin 21st, August 2019
Exciting addition to the whitepaper!

1)  Rating and Reward System 

This milestone allows for the introduction of a Host and guest rating system that incorporates Accommodation coin rewards for high performing participants. Ratings range from 1 to 5.

Host and guest users will have the option to rate each other ( an example is a guest stays in Airbnb property 1 ( host ) , guest will rate the host for this property and in turn, host will rate the guest ) this data will be used to ‘rate’ each participant and those participants that achieve more than 3,  5 star reviews in a row will be allocated a reward ( yet to be defined ) into their wallet of Accommodation coin’s.  This system is implemented to encourage a high standard of both host/accommodation providers as well as guests, this in turn keeps the overall standard of the network high.